Alternative Agency Forms

Proposal Form

The Alternative Placement Proposal Form should be completed by the student, agreed by the Practice Tutor and Year Tutor, and included as evidence of practice for Competence 1. 

Learning Agreement

It is the student's responsibility to complete the Alternative Placement Learning Agreement following their visit to the agency and return to the Regional Centre. 

3-way Meeting Agenda

The 3-way Meeting in the Alternative Agency should normally take place at the half way point.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the student's learning and progress and to clarify any areas for development.  The student is responsible for arranging this meeting, which is facilitated by the Practice Tutor, using the form provided. 

You will be required to include the following forms in your Year 2 Intermediate Professional Practice portfolio:

1.  Timesheet

Students should complete timesheets and have them signed by their Alternative Agency Line Manager for inclusion in the Year 2 Intermediate Professional Practice portfolio

2.  Line Manager's Appraisal Form

Students are required to submit their first Alternative Agency Line Manager's Appraisal Form in their Year 2 Intermediate Professional Practice Portfolio, using the appraisal form provided above. 

3.  Observation

One observation for a Year 2 Competence (i.e. Competence 4, 5 or 6) should be undertaken within the Alternative Agency for inclusion in the Year 2 Intermediate Professional Practice Portfolio.  Forms can be downloaded at the link above.   

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